Student Parking

Procedures to obtain a Pioneer Parking Permit

Parking applications will be available online to access and for payment throughout the school year for students who want a parking spot. Applications may be turned in to Ms. Shemitz during your lunch.
Decals will be reviewed by Ms. Shemitz/Mr. Ponkey immediately upon turning in the application. If the application is correct, the decal, as well as instructions covering where to adhere to the decal on the car, will be issued at the same time.

Decals will not be issued if the application is not completed properly (incomplete, missing one of the documents below, contains expired documents, etc.) and paid for online. Additionally, decals will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. There are a limited amount of decals that can be issued. When all of the decals have been assigned, no more decals will be issued for the remaining of the school year.

How to complete the parking application:

  1. Valid Florida Class E Driver License must be in your possession to be eligible to apply for a parking decal.
  2. You must make a photocopy of the following on one side of one sheet of paper:
    • Driver license
    • Valid Florida Registration for the car listed on the application
    • Valid Insurance Identification Card for the car listed on the application
  3. If these items are not on one sheet of paper, the application will not be accepted.
  4. The address on your application, driver license, insurance card and vehicle must match. If the addresses do not match, you must explain why they do not match.
  5. Staple the application to that photocopy.
  6. Return the completed application signed by your parent, parking rules sheet signed by your parent, and required documents to Ms. Shemitz in the Activities Office or in the cafeteria during your lunch.
  7. If the application is not completed properly and payment of $5.00 has not been completed ONLINE, it will not be accepted.