Become a Pioneer Student Athlete


The Benefits of Being a Student Athlete

Extracurricular programs provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to learn the value of working on a team. Studies have consistently shown that students who participate in school activities and athletic programs make higher grades and have better attendance than students who do not participate. In fact, 95% of Fortune 500 executives participated in high school athletics or activities.


How to be an Ideal Student-Athlete

What is a Student-Athlete?

As defined by the 2013-2014 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, a student-athlete is someone who understands how to manage school and sports by providing equal dedication and maximum effort to both areas. Student-athletes are often challenged to balance academics, community service and sportsmanship during the school year.  At times, these tasks can be quite overwhelming.


In the word “student-athlete,” student always comes first. Many students face the challenges of maintaining their GPA’s and completing their homework assignments and coursework all while practicing and perfecting the skills needed in the sports arena.  How can a student-athlete achieve his or her goals in both settings?

SAAC Tips for Excelling in the Classroom
  • Pay attention during class!  When you’re in a specific class, think about topics that pertain to that class
  • Take good notes so you can review during your free time, and practice good time management during that free time so you use it wisely.
SAAC Tips for Completing Assignments at Home
  • Prioritize assignments
  • Avoid distractions!

Student-athletes are viewed as role models in their communities.  It is important for student-athletes to give back to the cities that support them in all their endeavors.  Community service not only helps student-athletes with potential scholarships, but it also creates a positive image and sense of unity for the team and the school they represent.

SAAC Tips for Being an Asset in Your Community
  • Participate in community service and community activities such as road and beach clean-ups, volunteer with younger students, raise funds for a cause such as Relay for Life
  • Lead by example for younger members of the community.

Small acts of sportsmanship can go a long way.  It’s the little things such as helping someone up when they fall, shaking hands with the opposing team even after a tough loss and thanking the officials for their work that are always appreciated in high school sports. As leaders in the community, student-athletes should always be setting the standard by displaying good sportsmanship.

SAAC Tips for Displaying Good Sportsmanship

Remember everyone on the playing field is trying to achieve the same goal. Lead by example for your teammates.

How to Balance It All

Everyone handles situations differently.  It is important to understand what you know you can do and what you cannot do.  When there is a lot on your plate, you might not be able to get everything done, but if you learn to properly manage your time and put in maximum effort, achieving great things is still possible. 

SAAC Tips for “Balancing It All”
  • Set attainable goals for yourself.
  • Prioritize your tasks and reward yourself when you have completed them.

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