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A Pioneer is not someone who follows others, but rather paves the way to their own destiny of greatness. To do this, they must ensure that they remember throughout their journey that ALL DAILY CHOICES COUNT. A Pioneer on their way to greatness has no time to do anything better than their best, and at NMSH we support all of our Pioneers on their path to greatness through PBIS.

Pioneer Highlight:

Each month we highlight the talents of our staff by having them host a class after school for their peers!

Ms. Rush-Lissade did a fabulous job hosting a yoga class for her fellow Pioneers!

Our amazing Culinary Teacher Mr. Franks will be hosting a cooking class for his fellow Pioneers. We can’t wait to see what he will cook up!

Pioneer of the Week/Month:

We recognize that Values Matter through our PBIS! Here at NMSH, teachers and staff nominate our students for portraying the Core Values of M-DCPS. Each week and month, winners are selected from the nominees, and prizes are awarded to the Pioneers of the Week/Month!


It’s time to reveal the winners of our FIRST Pioneer of the Week!

  • 9th grade, Jaden Edwards, nominated by Mr. Apman for Responsibility
  • 10th grade, Khaell Conserve, nominated by Ms. Toussaint for Integrity
  • 11th grade, Isaiah Bartlett, nominated by Ms. Paulino for Respect
  • 12th grade, Jefferson Germain, nominated by Mrs. Zelniker for Pursuit of Excellence3)

PBIS Celebrations:

Every 9 weeks we celebrate the achievements of our Top 100 Pioneers by rewarding them for remembering that ALL DAILY CHOICES COUNT with a huge celebration that only they get an invite to! For Quarter One, students will be invited to Community Day on November 18th where they will be able to attend an Uno Tournament, a Basketball Tournament, partake in Art Activities, sign in at our Social Media Station, take a Dance Class, partake in an awesome Field Day Experience, and OF COURSE enjoy free food on us! Check out the website after November 18th to get to see for yourself how fun it is to be a Pioneer!

Principal: Mr. Lacouty

PBIS Administrator: Mrs. Larkin

PBIS Team Leader: Ms. Shemitz

PBIS Team:  Ms. Schroder, Ms. Zelniker, Ms. Weintraub, Mr. Franks, Mr. Litman, Ms. Glueck, Ms. Ramirez, Mr. Apman, Ms. Innerarity, Mr. Mills, Ms. Oge, Ms. West, Ms. McClain, Ms. Cornelius, Mr. Alcime, Ms. Newman